“ERP Systems in the Cloud”

There   has   been   significant   media   attention   and   hype   about   the   potential   of   cloud technologies.     Companies  are   investigating   how   these   technologies  can   be   applied  to their  ERP Systems requirements. Companies are presented  with a  number of  options which they need to consider.  These include:

On-premise:   This refers to the traditional approach where a company purchases

the   licences   for   an ERP systems   and   then   installs   it   within   their   company.

Hosted ERP System:  This refers to where the company purchases the licences for an ERP systems and then installs it on a third party’s infrastructure (hosted) in the cloud.     This   is   sometimes   referred   to   as   Infrastructure   as   a   Service   (IaaS).

Cloud ERP System:   This refers to an ERP system which is developed to operate purely in a cloud environment.   The company pays a subscription to access the ERP   system   and   shares   it   with   other   companies.     This   is   often   referred   to   as Software as a Service (SaaS).


Companies   are   faced   with   increasing   pressure   to   investigate   the   potential   of   these different offerings and the strengths and weaknesses of each. Management have become aware that you are studying ERP Systems at this University and have given you the task to prepare a research paper on the different ERP system offerings described above,their benefits and risks.


The discussion you should use case study examples (from literature searches) to

demonstrate different company’s experiences in reinforcing the different benefits and  weaknesses.

Your task is to produce a 3000 word research paper which discusses the issues relating to the above.  The paper should demonstrate a depth and breadth of reading and should be appropriately referenced.  The paper should be referenced using the Harvard referencing standards and formatted according to the approved style guide.

You must submit two documents, your assessment declaration and your report to


Assessment Declaration:

Use the assessment declaration (coversheet) provided on uni Collaborate. Complete all sections including the Title, Assignment number, Student Name and Number and Unit.  This document must be uploaded separately to your report

to ensure your Turnitin similarity results are not compromised.Your report must include the following:



Introduction to the topic, a statement of the purpose of the report and a

brief description of the report’s structure.



Discuss, compare and/or contrast different perspectives and present

arguments supporting the purpose of the report. Use relevant business

case studies to illustrate key points. All points must be presented with

Harvard citations to high quality (journal/book) references that have a

corresponding entry in your reference list.



A summary of the points you have made in the body of the report. These

should match your stated purpose.


Reference list:

A complete Harvard format reference list. Review the Library style guide

for citation and reference list.


You should include a title page that has your name and the title of your

report. Every page should feature a footer that includes your name,

student ID, and page number.


Review the Library Harvard style guide

for citation and reference list.



Your report must be submitted via the Assessment 4 drop box link on Uni Collaborate (this

links   to   Turnitin)   in   MS   Word   format.   Name   your   assessment   4   file   in   the   form

s3999999Assn4.docx and where the 39999999 is replaced by your student number. You must submit your assessment declaration as a separate document. Your report document submitted to Turnitin must include only a title page, your report, and the reference list.


Your submission on Turnitin will be marked electronically, so ensure it is complete. Note that if your lecturer asks you for a hard copy, you must submit the complete originality report version produced from Turnitin.

Notes on referencing, paraphrasing, Turnitin and similarity

You must include citations with matching references to demonstrate research relating to the discussion and analysis in the body of your report. You should aim to paraphrase sources where possible, writing the report in your own words and including citations and corresponding reference list entries to demonstrate research where appropriate.

You should submit your report to Turnitin well in advance of the due date to ensure your similarity does not exceed (20%) twenty per cent (for a submission including your reference list). Note that:

Turnitin scores for your report higher than 20% will be heavily penalised.

Note this percentage does not apply to your assessment declaration document

which should be uploaded separately.

It is normal that your reference list is highlighted in Turnitin; this is acceptable and is factored into the 20% threshold. It is not acceptable for whole sentences and paragraphs to   be   highlighted.   This   usually   indicates   exact   similarity   with   another   source.   If   this happens   you   must   revise   your   work   and   resubmit.   Note   that   you   can   resubmit   your report up until the submission deadline. Originality results can take up to twenty four hours to process. Therefore, ensure you submit early so you can avoid problems at the last minute.


Similarly, For this assignment you have to separate the report in this way:

1)Introduction: 100 words

2)Body( Discussion and Definition): Total 750 words

2.1Nature (scope of the report): Theories + practices

2.2Technology: a)On premise ERP

  1. b) hosted ERP
  2. c) Cloud ERP

2.3 Architecture:

2.4 Strength :

2.5 Weakness:

3) Compare: 1000 words

4) Contrast: 1000 words

5) Conclusion: 150 Words


At least 10 scholarly journal articles should be used from the case studies from websites like pwc Australia, ibm.com, sap.com, oracle.com, oecd ilibrary, and scholarly google scholar should be used. Note that the article should be current that is only from 2016 to till date. And the due date for this assignment is 15th May 2018, 23:59.

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