ensure they assign foreign posting to individuals who have the right mindset to work abroad. S

1. The process of personal selling involves


(a) Prospecting (b) Preapproach and approach

(c) Presentation (d) Closing the sales call

(e) All of these

2. A domestic firm primarily engaged in selling in the domestic market with little leanings towards exports

(a) Will be organising personal selling activities abroad

(b) Will not be organising any sales activities abroad

(c) Will simply leave the task of selling its product abroad to the exporter middleman

(d) Will send home team abroad

(e) Will hire foreigners abroad

3. Some of the challenges to hiring home country nationals abroad are

(a) Incurring double the expense

(b) Cultural barriers to the expatriate employees

(c) Maintaining liaison with the political sources, government departments, and other non – governmental agencies

(d) Resettling these employees after their repatriation from abroad

(e) All of these

4. International marketing firms can for their international sales management employ

(a) Home country nationals

(b) Only host country citizens

(c) A combination of home and host country nationals

(d) Third country nationals

(e) A healthy mix of all these

5. International marketing firms will have to ensure they assign foreign posting to individuals who have the right mindset to work abroad. Some of their personality’s traits could be

(a) Openness and sensitivity (b) Adaptability and resiliency

(c) Willingness to work abroad (d) Any one of these

(e) All of these

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