Engage in collaborative online weekly discussions.

You are to engage in collaborative online weekly discussions. In your discussion you will use the weekly course content (Lecture/Reading/Viewing task) to guide you.
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Weekxxxx Lecture-A confronting fact from this week’s lecture surrounds the common practice of the Australian government removing Aboriginal children from their homes. I think this course has contributed to cementing the idea that the forcible removal of children from theirhomes is inhumane. However, there are some cases where this removal can be justified but this could occur in many homes from all different cultures. This lecture highlights that child removal in the Aboriginal culture is regularly happening under the ideathat it is in the best interest of the child. I believe this notion emphasises the deeply embedded government agenda that is still prevalent today. It also questions the motives of the Australian government to shun the actions that contributed to the ‘Stolen Generations’ but to then continue Using the excuse that it is in the best interest of the child, which may or may not always be the case.

Reading-An interesting point from this week’s reading was about the formation of social contracts. For example,people who live together make laws and govern under the perception that everyone has an equal responsibility (Moreton-Robinson, 2009). This idea completely contradicts the Aboriginal experience faced during colonisation because there was no sovereignty treaty or social contract for both cultures to live in a collaborative society. Furthermore, this article identifies that the race war with Indigenous cultures stems from white sovereignty and oppression (Moreton-Robinson, 2009). Stating that the white population often employ discriminatory tactics to counter claims of Aboriginal sovereignty. This notion directly relates to the debate about constitutional reform in Australia because these deflecting, manipulative tacticshave been quite influential in shutting down any meaningful change for Aboriginal sovereignty (Australian Human Rights Commission, 2010). Withholding Aboriginal sovereignty is a government tactic to continue the control over their social, economic and cultural development of the Aboriginal population, which also stunts their fight to regain their empowerment (Griffiths, 2014).

Viewing-One of the most significant aspects of this viewing was learning about how recognising Aboriginal sovereignty would be a direct combatant to colonialism. Furthermore, it was interesting to see how Aboriginal sovereignty could be defined and how its influence has the potential to reconstruct the foundation of the Aboriginal identity. Although, the thirdspeaker made an interesting point about labelling the Aboriginal people as ‘Indigenous Australians’, ‘Aboriginal Australians’ etc. This point alone has changed my opinion on correct terminology because I have sporadically used the term ‘Aboriginal Australians’ throughout the discussion forums and assignments not realising that the term references white oppression and assimilation.

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