Employment Standards Act (ESA)

This assignment asks students to find a real life article, video or story from the media that illustrates one of the employment law-related topics we have discussed in this course. Students will share their article with selected classmates and explain how the article relates back to their assigned topic. The group will then engage in a discussion about the article and its human resources implications.



  • You will be assigned one of three topics: Employment Standards Act (ESA), Ontario Human Rights Code (OHRC)or Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).You can view your assigned topic by scrolling down to the bottom of this page and clicking on the topic link.


  • Find an article, news story, magazine feature or video from the media that provides a real life example of your topic in action. You may wish to visit our course eReserves page for some resources that will help you in finding an article. You may not use the same article as a classmate, so be sure to review your group’s discussion forum before choosing your article.


  • Post a copy of your article, or a link to the article or video, in your discussion forum. Explain how your article demonstrates the employment law-related concept reviewed in the course. Your explanation may be written into the discussion forum, or you may upload a video of yourself providing a verbal explanation. Some things to consider in your explanation (these are meant as a guide only, and do not all need to be answered):


    • What concepts relating to your topic are demonstrated in the news story/article?
    • How does your news story/article provide examples of what we learned in the course?
    • According to what you learned in the course, is the law being followed? Why or why not?
    • Have you ever observed any of these concepts or practices in your own work experience? If so, please provide some details.
    • Do you have any opinions or recommendations relating to your news story/article?


  • After sharing your article/story and explaining it to your classmates, read the other articles/stories posted in the discussion forum. Provide thoughtful comments and state your own opinion of the articles. Do you agree with your classates’ assessment of what is happening in their article? Can you offer a new perspective or a different point-of-view that might not have been considered?
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