Drawing upon relevant theories from lectures and readings, write a four to five-page analysis of the change efforts made at NUMMI and General Motors

Listen (or read the transcript) to This American Life, episode 561: NUMMI 2015, which can be found at the following link:


Drawing upon relevant theories from lectures and readingswrite a four to five-page analysis of the change efforts made at NUMMI and General Motors. You should clearly address the following questions in your analysis:

  • What accounted for NUMMI’s success? What kinds of changes were made at the plant, and how were these changes successfully implemented?
  • What were some of the obstacles to organizational change at GM in terms of adopting NUMMI practices companywide?
  • What could GM have done differently?

Here are some guidelines and tips for your analysis:

  • Do not just restate case facts. Rather, you should use information from the case to support your analysis, which should be explicitly based upon theory learned from the course thus far.
  • Make sure you clearly define and explain specific concepts and frameworks.
  • You may organize the paper how you see fit, but there should be a brief introduction and conclusion. The use of headers may help in organizing your analysis.


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