Draw an ER diagram, and write a database design outline.

Movie catalog: To make the Sickle and Evert movie guide easier to maintain, your firm is trying to create a database from which future editions of the guide will be generated. For each movie, you want to store its title, date of first release, critics’ rating (between 0 and 5 stars), motion picture rating (G, PG, PG‐13, R, or NC‐17), plot synopsis, and critic review. The plot synopsis and critic review are each large text fields. You also assign movies to categories, such as “action,” “animated,” and so forth. For each category, there is a three‐letter code, a name, and a description. A movie may fall into more than one category: for example, Spaceballs is both “science fiction” (code SFI) and “comedy” (code COM).

Each movie has exactly one director and any number of actors. The system should be able to list the director and all actors for each movie. Sometimes the same person will both direct movies and act in them. For each person (director, actor, or both), you want to store a first name, last name, middle name/initial, date of birth, nationality, and date of death (if any). Sometimes a movie is a sequel to another movie: for example, The Two Towers is the sequel to Fellowship of the Ring. The database should also keep track of such sequel relationships between movies, assuming each movie can be the direct sequel of at most one other movie. Draw an ER diagram, and write a database design outline.

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