Draw an ER diagram, and write a database design outline. You may add “ID” fields where necessary

Jersey Harbor Patrol: You have been assigned the task of automating the records of the Jersey Harbor Patrol Agency. This agency sends patrol boats throughout the Jersey Harbor area, checking for safety and security problems. The agency owns a fleet of boats; for each boat, you want to store its (unique) marine registration number, name, date built, and date acquired. The boats are operated by employees, for each of whom you want to store an employee number, first name, last name, date of birth, date hired, cell phone number, home phone number, and address information.

The employees use the boats to visit various sites around the harbor. Each site has a “site number,” name, and description. Each instance of a boat leaving the agency’s home dock is called a “patrol.” Each patrol involves two employees, a “captain” and an “assistant.” The captain is responsible for all decisions on the patrol, and the assistant must follow his orders. However, an employee who is the captain of one patrol might be the assistant on a different patrol. For each patrol, you want to record which boat was involved, who the captain and assistant were, what date and time the patrol started, and what date and time it ended. Each patrol involves visits to one or more sites; in general, the agency tries to visit each site at least once every few days. You want to record the set of sites visited by each patrol, and the exact date and time of each visit. Design a database to store this information. Draw an ER diagram, and write a database design outline. You may add “ID” fields where necessary

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