Draw an ER diagram, and write a database design outline.

Sales with multiple suppliers: You operate a wholesale business. Your inventory consists of many items, each identified by an SKU code. For each SKU code, you want to store a description, a price, and the amount in inventory. Your customers place orders that can contain more than one item. In addition to the quantity of each item it contains, you want to keep track of the date each order was placed and the date it was delivered. You obtain your inventory from multiple suppliers. Each supplier can sell you more than one item (but not every possible item), and many items can be obtained from more than one supplier. For each item, each supplier may have a different price and “lead time” (that is, the number of days it takes for them to deliver stock after you have ordered it). You want to keep contact information on each supplier and each customer. Contact information for both suppliers and customers consists of a company name, the name of a contact person, a postal address, a telephone number, a fax number, and an e‐mail. Assume all postal addresses are in the United States. You have access to a full zip code table and plan to include it in your database. Draw an ER diagram, and write a database design outline.

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Assess why it has proven so difficult to design an operating procedure which allows the European Court to effectively manage its case load.

‘The results so far achieved within the framework of Protocol No. 14 are encouraging, particularly as a result of the measures taken by the Court to increase efficiency and address….

Evaluate whether the operation of human rights under the ECHR really does force public authorities to ‘act in ways that fly in the face of common sense’?

‘[I]n this country we are proud to stand up for human rights, at home and abroad. It is part of the British tradition. But what is alien to our tradition….