Does the owner of the deli have a cause of action against the former employee?

A dining salon engaged the services of the following:

(a) A chef to work a regular shift Monday to Friday

(b) A chef to work a regular shift, but only on the weekends

(c) A person to remove the snow within three hours of a fall of more than four centimeters

(d) A pianist to play for four hours each Friday and Saturday evening

Identify which of (a) through (d) are employees and which are independent contractors. Give reason for your answer. Next, describe two obligations employers owe to employees that they do not owe to independent contractors.

2. A delicatessen was famous for its bagels. The owner’s father had handed down the recipe to her. A part-time employee stumbled upon the recipe in the course of his duties. A week later, he was fired for surliness. He found employment with a bakery and gave the recipe to his new employer. Does the owner of the deli have a cause of action against the former employee?


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