discuss your chosen organisation and or ideas with your lecturer before you start your research.

This is an individual assessment. This report gives you the opportunity to research, formulate, develop and document a basic security policy for a specific organization in Australia ECXEPT for BANKING/MORTGAGE organisation. Moreover, you are required to analyze, record, resolve security incidents and identify and assess the threats to, and vulnerabilities of the organisation’s networks. This report will use many of the concepts and techniques discussed in this unit throughout the semester.

Please note, you will need to either choose from the list of examples of the industries provided below or come up with your own idea for a chosen specific organisation.

Hospital/Medical Centre


Vehicle rental

Tourism agency




Aviation operator

Property Management


Please discuss your chosen organisation and or ideas with your lecturer before you start your research. You must send the organization that you have chosen to your lecturer by Week 5. Please note you might NOT be allowed to choose the same or similar specific organisation as other in your class. You should aim at research, develop, and document answers to questions (a.) and (b.) below. Do not copy the examples of information security policies used in class!

You should state clearly: the name of the organisation you have chosen the stakeholders of the organisation the nature of the business and answer questions (a) and (b).

Questions: (a.) Research, formulate, develop and document a strategic security policy for your chosen organisation based on the nature of the organisation and the stakeholders in the organisation. (b.) Based on the security policy you have researched, formulated, developed and documented in the item (a.) above, identify and assess the potential threats and vulnerabilities of the company’s network and discuss how such threats and vulnerabilities can be mitigated based on your research.

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