Discuss the importance of packaging in marketing of the above product range.

The male fairness cream industry is growing at a scorching 150 percent per year. The industry evidently has woken up to the fact that the metrosexual man has a large appetite for beauty (the industry expression is “male grooming”) products, particularly driven by a desire to look as fair as the fairer sex.ABC company recently launched ‘GROOM PLUS’, a men’s fairness cream and claims that the market feedback is highly positive and encouraging. It is now planning an extension of GROOM PLUS to products like Bleaches, Shaving Creams, and Lotion etc.Hitherto men used fairness cream/ bleach that was available in parlour packs. Subsequent research showed that men prefer bleach of their own – with its own fragrance and specific skin type formulations, especially branded ones.Questions:(a) Suggest bases for segmentation of market for Groom Plus products.(b) Discuss the importance of packaging in marketing of the above product range.

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would it be fair to the manufacturer to be forced to compensate all twenty-one of these individuals, including the ten who would have had the disease irrespective of exposure?

Does requiring an epidemiological study reporting a relative risk of more than 2.0 for the plaintiff to get into court seem fair to you? What if an epidemiological study showed….

Should he be allowed to submit this evidence to the jury?

Blaine Gamble was charged with robbing the First National Bank of Herminie, Pennsylvania. Gamble, allegedly dressed as an elderly woman, entered the bank and robbed the tellers at gunpoint. At….

How will this policy likely affect the skill distribution of immigrants to the United States and the age-earnings profile of immigrants in the United States?

1) The Immigration Reform Act of 2006 provided fewer work visas than were available in previous years for college graduates to remain in the United States. The exception is that….