Discuss the current impact of the environmental factor on different aspects of the operation across your selected organization.

What you are required to do:

Based on the industry sector analysis you completed in Assessment 1. Select one organization (Bupa Aged care) from that industry segment and a single prominent environmental factor (one factor only) that is having an impact on the current and future strategies and operation of the selected organization.

Develop a slide deck and record a webinar based on the slide deck that explains those possible effects to senior management of your selected organisation. Assume that you are a consultant, preparing and making the presentation to your selected organisation. Be at your professional best!

Your webinar must aim to educate management on the impact of that environmental factor on the operations of the organisation 1) now and its possible effects in 2) the future.

Example, you may choose to examine how the issue of the environmental factor, ageing population, effects the operations of a privately-owned aged-care facility, if that is your selected industry.

A second example, could be the analysis of the effects of the environmental factor, limiting the numbers of overseas-trained doctors on public hospitals in rural and remote locations, if that is your selected industry. It is recommended that you thoroughly research the environmental factor and its impact on the operation of the selected organization now and in the future and your analysis and strategic recommendations are founded on solid research and deep understanding of the major issues.

The criteria:


• State what the environmental factor is and discuss the current challenges experienced due to that environmental factor by the 1) selected industry sector in general and 2) more specifically the selected organization. Your aim here is to justify the need for a strategic response by your organization. Now and for the future. • Use data, graphs, tables, statistics, where possible, to support your case.


• Discuss the current impact of the environmental factor on different aspects of the operation across your selected organization. Example, Quality, efficiency, regulatory compliance and so on

• You must consider a range of settings within the organization where the environmental factor is having an impact. Where and how the environmental factor is having an impact.



ü Discuss the impact of the environmental factor on various stakeholder groups. For example, patient satisfaction.

ü Offer At least three different stakeholder perspectives from within the organization or industry or both

ü Integrate a range of multi-media and/or interactive content including;

1. Short interviews from stakeholders identified from within the selected organization or from the industry including video if possible

2. Information presented visually such as photographs, charts and diagrams

3. Stakeholder feedback or comments

4. CEO or Chairman of the board comments from an Annual Report

5. If you are working in the sector, it is highly recommended that you interview colleagues and record a short video (60 sec Max) to integrate into your presentation.

ETHICAL ISSUES: (15 marks)

• Discuss any ethical issue(s) that is presented to the organization due to the impact of the environmental factor. For example, what is the impact of the environmental factor on equity or patient access to healthcare, the provision of quality service, etc.

• Suggest any strategies that the organization could adopt in response to the ethical issue(s)


• Suggest strategies that your selected organization could adopt in response to the impact of the environmental factor on operations; justifying your recommended strategies in terms of the positive impact they would make on operations, stakeholder groups and business opportunities.


• Be very professional with your presentation. Be as creative as you want making sure that your presentation is engaging to your audience. Remember you are the expert consultant and you will be judged by your content and personal presentation including how you project your voice.


• Integrate theoretical considerations to support your analysis and recommendations where possible. This will bring credibility to your presentation.


• Integrate 10 recent citations (ie no more than 5 years old where possible) in Kaplan Referencing Style.

• When using graphs, tables and images. Make sure that you reference the source.

• This is worth 10 marks and you must pay attention to your referencing especially in-slide (or intext)

referencing (see example below)


Example 1: (In-slide citation) Example 2: (Quoting the source for figures)


Note: When doing your recording make sure that you record your references slide(s) so that your lecturer can see them. Make sure they can be read clearly by your lecture.

How to develop and record your webinar

1. Select the organization and the industry environmental (not the physical environment) factor to work on.

2. Conduct your research to identify and develop good content for your webinar.

3. Develop your slide deck addressing the criteria discussed above ensuring that in-text citations are included in the slide deck. Your slide deck should include the followings:

ü First slide with your name and title of the presentation

ü Set of slides addressing the criteria above

ü References slide(s) (you may use more than one slide to list your references)

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