Discuss and identify one MNC where you have a contact in the HR department.

Break into groups of five. Discuss and identify one MNC where you have a contact in the HR department. While it might be difficult for them to share the exact performance appraisal system they use, seek an interview with the HR person to understand the following–

·         Is the PMS the same for all country locations?

·         Where is the differences (if any) between what is followed at the HQ and what is followed at the unit level? Why is it so?

·         What are the challenges they face in implementing the system?

·         How is the PMS linked to rewards, awards, salary hikes and training needs?

Present it to the larger group applying theory from this chapter. Discuss how it could be made more  effective.

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Make at least one recommendation on how you think the company can increase revenue and one recommendation on how the company can reduce costs.

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An airline in Honolulu orders a part at 9am Montreal time for a grounded plane. How long until the aircraft in Honolulu is returned to service? Please provide detail to your answer.

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