Digital Transformation and it’s impact on enterprise information system.

Assessment type: Report case study (1,500 words)Purpose: Students are required to write case studies to discuss the role of enterprise systems and the use of digital transformation in their operations. Students will provide justification with substantial real-life examples to support the arguments .
Assessment topic: Digital Transformation and it’s impact on enterprise information system.
Task details: Today organizations must be innovative and leverage the latest technologies to stay in business. Enterprise Systems play a vital role in helping organizations to sustain their position in their marketplace. Technology being the major driver in any business today, organizations struggling to integrate technology effectively will eventually find it difficult to succeed in implementing an appropriate enterprise system. connected devices, social media and massive volumes of several forms of structured and unstructured data feeds have passed the way to further leverage technology and transform businesses. digital transformation has opened doors for better analytics and decision making, enabling enterprise to explore, analyse and obtain new insights and ideas to grow their businesses.
With reference to the above context write a report on how digital transformation technologies are becoming a choice for business organizations and their strategies, business model and enterprise systems.
The report should include the following:
1.provide an introduction on why you think adopting digital transformations is important. You need to discuss this from your perspective and should not focus on business or other related areas.
2. Efficient decision making plays a vital role in current business requirements. discuss on how technology contributes towards better decision making.
3. with the help of two real world case studies discuss how organizations fails when they do not adapt to the emerging digital transformation and use them in daily business processes. Note: Each case study should be focusing on a different technology .
Note: Choose the most recent application of digital technologies

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