Did this court hold that it would have reached a different result if Todd had been rich?

a. Did this court hold that it would have reached a different result if Todd had been rich?

b. Who is correct? Judge Miller or Judge Conover? Is the majority opinion antiwoman?

c. As we will see in chapter 13 on paternity, a sperm donor who is not married to the mother is not considered the father of the child and, therefore, has no support obligation. Why didn’t this rule apply in the Straub case?

d. In the discussion of the Marvin v. Marvin case in chapter 4 on cohabitation agreements, we learned that sexual intercourse cannot be a valid consideration for an enforceable contract. In the Straub case, was sexual intercourse consideration for the agreement between Straub and Todd? If so, is this another reason their agreement is invalid?

e. George and Helen are not married but are living together. George impregnates Helen. He asks her to have an abortion. She refuses. When the child is born, can she force George to support it? Would it make any difference if Helen became pregnant after lying to George about using contraceptives?

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