Devise a detailed Action Planfor correcting the issues raised by the Care Quality Commission


Q1:You have two options for performance managing staff. An approach involving formal target setting and review meetings with doctors / nurses / professional staff. Secondly, a softer coaching mentoring. Using relevant academic and practitioner material, evaluate which option would you adopt. Your answer must include analysis of performance efficiency (at Oakwood Health Service Practice).

Q2: Devise a detailed Action Planfor correcting the issues raised by the Care Quality Commission (this is in the case study). Your answer must include SMART targets and key success factors. Focus on the relevant HR issues For Oakwood.

Q3:Given that staff have been criticized by the Care Quality Commission, what HR processes would you put in place toensure staff well-beinggoing forward? Your answer must include reference to specific, relevant, Well Being research that supports the processes you are recommending.

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