Develop the look and feel—four weeks. Start working on graphics and HTML at the same time.  

ou have just been hired as a business analyst by a new start-up company called Multi-Media. Multi-Media is an interactive agency that constructs phased and affordable website marketing, providing its clients with real and measurable solutions that are supported by easy-to-use tools. Since the company is very new to the business arena, it needs help in creating a project management plan for developing its own website. The major tasks for the development team have been identified but you need to create the timeline.

1.  The task names, durations, and any prerequisites are:

■ Analyze and plan—two weeks. Cannot start anything else until done.

■ Create and organize content—four weeks. Can start to develop look and feel before this is done.

■ Develop the look and feel—four weeks. Start working on graphics and HTML at the same time.

■ Produce graphics and HTML documents—two weeks. Create working prototype after the first week.

■ Create a working prototype—two weeks. Give to test team when complete.

■ Test, test, test—four weeks.

■ Upload to a web server and test again—one week.

■ Maintain.

2.  Using Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Project, create a Gantt chart using the information provided.

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