Develop a life-cycle analysis (LCA) for a car

Develop a life-cycle analysis (LCA) for a car. First, decide on the metrics you will consider, such as CO2 emissions and energy consumption. Second, consider the LCA boundary. For example, will you or will you not consider the CO2 emissions from the mine that extracted the iron ore used to produce the steel in the car? Third, draw a diagram showing the connections among all the elements that go into producing a car and contribute to your LCA metrics calculations. Next, attempt to quantify an LCA-determined environmental impact from a car by using the Greenhouse Gases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy Use in Transportation (GREET) software available from Argonne National Laboratory at Finally, discuss the environmental impacts associated with a car.

find the cost of your paper

Make at least one recommendation on how you think the company can increase revenue and one recommendation on how the company can reduce costs.

Find an ASX listed Australian company of your choice. Listed Australian companies can be found on the website You are required to download your chosen company’s latest annual report…..

Research how to reconcile a bank account using that software

The CEO of Riskco wants to change their accounting software. Using internet research, you must perform the following tasks: Choose an accounting software Research how to reconcile a bank account….

An airline in Honolulu orders a part at 9am Montreal time for a grounded plane. How long until the aircraft in Honolulu is returned to service? Please provide detail to your answer.

CASE STUDY – Warehouse The following case about Otter Aerospace is a fictionalized look at a real problem faced by a real Canadian company. As you read through the case,….