Develop a business process model for the chosen functionality

Part 1:

1. Note the purpose and procedure for creating a Functional decomposition diagram (FDD). Develop an FDD for the software system proposed in the case study. (10)

Choose one of the primary functionalities of the system from your FDD in (1) above to answer the following question:

2. Develop a business process model for the chosen functionality. (10)


COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Management System

The State has plans to develop a Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout Management System (CVRMS) that will help the government to facilitate the COVID-19 vaccination process across the country.

The digital system will be used in the vaccine roll-out to that started early this year. It will allowpeople to register to be vaccinated by providing personal details such as age, and health information including comorbidities, etc. This willessentially create an electronic health record that will track demographics, the dosage taken by a person, the health facility that administered the vaccination, as well as vaccination records issued to individuals amongst others. People will be categorized as essential and non-essential workers.


Officials will systematically arrange vaccination sites and daily doses based on the number of registered persons. They will also prioritise the people to be vaccinated based on these numbers and their categories. People receiving the vaccine will be verified [by officials] during the vaccination process, and records of how many people were vaccinated at a particular site will be kept.


The system will also track the movement (including transportation) of vaccine packs to ensure their safety and also that is there is accountability. There will be tracking and tracing of the vaccines using barcode scanning as well as the safe and secure disposal of these packaging, vials and data verification linked to the volumes that have been submitted.

The system will send notifications for follow-up appointments to individuals to receive their second doses and a track-and-trace facility in the system will exist for those who do not get their second shot.The main intention of introducing this system is to reduce the manual work at health facility counters. Quicker processing of the vaccine rollout would mean better service to patients. It will also help in easing the complexity of maintaining the records manually and thus less time will be wasted on follow-ups.

Anti-vaxxers will also be allowed to register and state the reasons for their unwillingness to take the vaccine. All citizens who are vaccinated will be placed on a national register and given a vaccination card. The system will also generate daily and periodic vaccination reports.

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