Determine Volume of the aeration basin (m3) at an SRT = 30 days.

Given the following information for an oxidation ditch activated sludge process: Q = 11,400 m3/d, influent soluble BOD5 = 250 mg/L, Y = 0.6 g VSS/g BOD5, kd = 0.06d−1, KS = 70 mg/L BOD5, k = 6 d−1, MLVSS = 0.70 MLSS, TKN0 = 40 mg/L, MLSS = 3,500 mg/L, DO = 2 mg/L. = 0.88, and = 0.95. Assume the biokinetic coefficients have been corrected for a wastewater temperature of 28∘C, which is expected during the summer months, and there are three aeration basins with two aerators per basin. Determine:

a. Volume of the aeration basin (m3) at an SRT = 30 days.

b. Oxygen required (kg/d), SRT = 30 days.

c. Number and kw of mechanical aerators assuming SOTR/aerator = 3.0 kg O2/kw⋅ h.

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