determine values for K7 and K8.

Polyolefins such as polyethylene undergo slow degradation when placed in air. Degradation occurs by reactions with atmospheric oxygen that lead to the formation of carbonyl groups (groups containing oxygen), gradual chain scission (reduction in molecular weight), and loss of strength. The concentration of carbonyl groups can be monitored with

time using the absorbance of the infrared spectroscopy peak at 1741 cm1. In the table below, carbonyl absorbance at 1741 cm−1 versus time data for the oxidation of a 200 μm thick low density polyethylene (LDPE) film at 373 K are tabulated.



(aThe kinetics for this reaction obey a power-law expression of the form


in which is the absorbance, represents time, and Kand Kare constants. Using data in the above table, determine values for Kand K8.

(bCompute the amount of time required for an absorbance of 0.20.

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Compare this result with the DU/Dt evaluated with that of the material time derivative and flux terms.

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Prepare a paper on your findings; be sure to include several pictures.

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