Designing Cyberwarfare Defense Strategies

Topic 2: Designing Cyberwarfare Defense Strategies

As noted in Theohary and Rollins (2015), trying to define what cyberwarfare actually is can be quite difficult. A large part of the problem in defining what constitutes cyberwarfare is the range of threat actors that engage in various cyberwarfare activities. Given a similar outcome of disruption either to a national government or a country’s infrastructure, discuss what differences there may be in defensive strategies that would depend on different threat actors. Consider the different motivations of different threat actors and how motivation might inform a particular defensive strategy.

Theohary, C., & Rollins, J. (2015, March 15). Cyberwarfare and cyberterrorism: In brief. Retrieved from

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Identify 3 articles and provide a summary of each within 500 of more words. Provide the articles in proper APA format and a brief summary below it.

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