design and implement your own data class.

This question reinforces concepts from Lab Practices 1 – 5. Best practice of Class and Method design
should be demonstrated. This will require a good understanding of class design concepts and
method design concepts: code re-use, high cohesion and low coupling.
Before attempting this question, complete the pre-requisiteslisted on the first page of this document.
Assignment 1 uses O-O design implemented in Java. You will need to use a user-defined class, as
an array of such class objects will be required.
User-defined Class:
You will design and implement your own data class. The class will store data that has been read as
user input from the keyboard (see Getting Input below), and provide necessary operations. As the
data stored relates to monetary change, the class should be named Change. The class requires at
least 2 instance variables for the name of a person and the coin change amount to be given to that
person. You may also wish to use 4 instance variables to represent amounts for each of the 4 coin
denominations (see Client Class below). There should be no need for more than these instance
variables. However, if you wish to use more instance variables, you must provide legitimate
justification for their usage in the internal and external documentation.
Your class will need to have at least a default constructor, and a constructor with two parameters:
one parameter being a name and the other a coin amount. Your class should also provide appropriate
get and set methods for client usage. Other methods may be provided as needed. However, make
sure they are necessary for good class design; you must provide legitimate justification for their
usage in the internal and external documentation. In particular, your class should NOT include Input
and Output methods. The only way to get data out of a data class object to the client program is to
use an appropriate get method. The data class methods must not write data out. Data should be
entered into a data class object via a constructor or an appropriate set method.
When designing your Change class, use an UML class diagram to help understand what the class
design needs.

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