Design a team for implementing Release 1 of the GANA software whose cost you estimated in Exercise E217

Design a team for implementing Release 1 of the GANA software whose cost you estimated in Exercise E217. Specify an appropriate team structure, the number of people you believe should be on the team, how the team structure would evolve as the project progresses, and the skills you believe team members should have.

Exercise E217

Working in groups of four, estimate the cost of developing Release 1 of the GANA software, whose requirements were described in Chapter 4. Use as many of the techniques described in this section as possible. Among other things, this means you will use the ‘divide and conquer’ strategy to divide the software into parts, and divide the development process into detailed activities. You should also make optimistic, likely and pessimistic estimates. Each group should initially split into pairs, with each pair doing the estimation independently. Then the two pairs can come together to compare and reconcile their estimates.

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