Describe your viewpoint based on your analysis of background information.

The Australian contact tracing app, COVIDSafe, which was based on the Singapore’s
TraceTogether, has been subjected to fierce debates over its mode of operations and
conditions even before its launch. In addition to the initial backlash for the government’s
suggestion that the new app’s should be mandatory, the app (and other contact tracing apps)
hasraised a flood of concerns over the privacy and security of the app, along with many other
ethical questions. Now, with the new reports of government agencies being “surprised” that
Google may still pick up and collect users’ location data without their consent or knowledge
through their coronavirus tracing apps, it is time that this matter is discussed and analysed
through the lens of ethics.
This assignment is cantered on ‘Ethics of contact tracing apps’ that are being offered right
now. In this assignment you will write a 3-part report to analyse and respond to the ethical
concerns around the topic (using ethical bounds upon which to evaluate it). To clarify, you are
permitted to discuss contract tracing app in general and not bound to only the COVIDSafe
app, i.e., you are free to discuss the apps made by other countries (e.g. Germany and
Singapore) or by big tech such as Google and Apple.
The assignment is to be delivered/submitted online through LMS. Your paper should include
analysis of the issue and the response in a carefully considered series of steps.
Response Part 1: Establish the facts (300 words)
1. Outline a chronological sequence of events of the issue and the actions that occurred
after. Ensure you gather information from multiple sources (to verify accuracy) and
cite them.
Response Part 2: Player and Team Response (600 words)
1. Clearly state the ethical dilemma
2. Cite at least 3 sources to build a case
o To support the usage of the app
o To argue against the usage of the app
Response Part 3: Your evaluation of the outcome (600 words)
1. Describe your viewpoint based on your analysis of background information.
o Be sure to elaborate in the context of 2 ethical frameworks discussed in this
o How does the eventual outcome resonate with your viewpoint

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