Describe the various types of information on a title block.

T/F When in the manual mode, the controller performs the decision-making process. How much force is exerted on the 4-inch-diameter diaphragm of a valve actuator if 12 psi of air pressure is applied? Define P&ID. Identify various instruments by the shapes of balloons that represent them.  Identify and interpret functional identifiers in balloon symbols. Describe how tag numbers pertain to an instrumentation loop. Describe the function of line symbols. Identify the symbols for various actuators and valves. Read a simple loop on a P&ID. Describe the various types of information on a title block.

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Calculate the maximum achievable bridge out-of-balance voltage for an applied torque T of 103 N m given the following

Four strain gauges, with specification given below, are available to measure the torque on a cylindrical shaft 4 cm in diameter connecting a motor and load. (a) Draw clearly labelled….

Find the gain and phase characteristics of the maintaining amplifier.

A solid-state capacitive humidity sensor has a capacitance given by: C = 1.7 RH + 365pF where RH is the percentage relative humidity. The sensor has an associated parallel resistance….

calculate the mean velocity of the gas at maximum flow rate

A pitot tube is used to measure the mean velocity of high pressure gas in a 0.15 m diameter pipe. At maximum flow rate the mean pitot differential pressure is….