Describe the importance of generalization of behavior.

  1. Describe the importance of generalization of behavior.
  2. Describe the difference between response maintenance and setting/situation generalization. Provide a real-life example of the differences.
  3. What is the difference between the instructional setting and the generalization setting? Are there any tactics we should use to make these settings more similar?
  4. Why do Baer, Wolf, and Risely mean when they say that generalization needs to be programmed, rather than expected?
  5. What do the authors say about target behaviors that will meet naturally existing contingencies? What does this mean? Provide some examples.
  6. What about variations of the target behavior? What do the authors say about this?

List the five strategies for promoting

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Explain how this condition can occur.

1. During a routine visit with the gynecologist, a 60-year-old woman complained of vaginal dryness and soreness. During the examination, the health-care provider noted erythema of the vaginal mucosa. The….

Can you offer how you would accomplish the factors that you have identified?

It is very much necessary to follow certain steps in goal setting learning procedure. At first it is very important to understand the needs there after by making the skills….

Explain what you noticed about the movie or what you gained from it when you watched it from the perspective of a business student.

Movie Report Like a book report but this time you actually can just watch the movie! This is a chance for you to earn up to 20 bonus points. Watch….