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  1. Describe what it means to have an obligation to the profession of behavior analysis.

To have an obligation to the profession of behavior analysis means to participate in a professional and scientific organization and activity that are related to the field. This involves promoting the principles/ advancements within the field, staying up to date on any new information and technologies and being knowledgeable.

  1. List 2 things a behavior analyst do to promote behavior analysis?

2 things that a behavior analysts can do to promote behavior analysis is:

  1. Promoting the principles
  2. Staying knowledgeable about any new information and advancements within the field.
  1. Describe the obligations supervisors have when delegating responsibilities to their supervisees.

The obligations supervisors have when delegating responsibilities to their supervisees is being able to assess the skill sets of our supervisees, assign tasks to them that they are ready for, assess performance acquisition, and ensure that the training needed is provided.

  1. Describe how and when feedback from supervisors should be provided to supervisees.

Feedback from supervisors should be provided to supervisees to help support/ increase performance. The feedback being provided should be arranged in ways to encourage and support improvements: reinforcement should be added within these conversations with feedback to help increase performance.

  1. Based on the Video interview with Tyra Sellers: Describe at least two recommendations or key features that Tyra Sellers discusses as important for effective/productive supervision.

Two recommendations or key features that Tyra Sellers discuss as important for effective and productive supervision is 1 to be able to understand that you are in a very important role: it’s also not about checking off that about can you do a preference assessments can you run an FA: its about choosing to work collaboratively and mutual relationship and being able to reflect on your practice and being able to make changes to process and grow.

  1. Provide a short summary of the findings of the study conducted by Reed & Henley (2015).

The findings of the study conducted by Reed & Henley that some organizations provide monetary and non-monetary incentives. More typically, there are monetary incentives available. The incentives that are provided are on desired work performance and they frequency in which they delivered varied between daily or annual

  1. Select one point about accepting/applying feedback made in the Sellers et.al. (2016) article.
  • Describe the importance of this point to you as a supervisee, and,
  • provide a comment on the importance for you as a future supervisor.
  1. Post your response to this item as your Discussion Post thread.

**Read Ethics Challenge #41 (Nov 2012) in the APBA Reporter.It will provide a discussion related to this topic**
A male BCBA is providing in-home services for an 11-year-old girl on the autism spectrum. The BCBA is an employee of a consulting agency, and services are paid for by the child’s school district. The BCBA is concerned because the child’s mother often leaves him alone in the home with the child. Both the BCBA and the school district have told the mother that leaving the BCBA alone with the child at home is against their respective policies. Yet the mother continues to leave the home when the BCBA is there, and says that she has errands that must be done at the time of day that ABA services are being provided. The family is of limited financial means, and cannot hire sitters for the child so that errands can be run at other times.

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