Describe factors to consider to build culture awareness?

Task 1 -international business network scenario/project


You recently started a new job in your country at a small import/export business, the company would like you to work half the year in Australia and half the year in your home country.while in Australia,your company would like you to promote its unique product to the Australian market.additionally,you must scout for new potential products to export to your home achieve this goals you must develop a wide business network?

Answer the following question with regard to this scenario

1. Provide and describe five places or organisations that provide opportunities to build international business networks relevant to the business.

2. Provide and describe three current professional development activities or events.

3. Why are international business networks useful to this business? industry knowledge can you gain through international business information.

What useful information or networks? List sources of information?

4. ln a short paragraph, describe the steps you would follow to research, identify and join an international business network?

5. List sources where information on cultural for specific countries can be obtained, describe two different cultures?

6. Describe factors to consider to build culture awareness?

7.TheTrade Practices Act and World Trade Organisation are key to trading and provide legislation that affect business operations, codes of practice and national Standards. Research and summarise their purposes in Australian trade.


Answers must be in a paragraph form with a header and must at least have 50 words or maybe more except for question 7 witch must be 150 words

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