Demonstrate how you install the workbench.

This task, you are required to demonstrate the ability to implement a desktop virtualization solution. You need to 1) use VMware Workstation Player to load a Linux OS OR 2) use virtual box to load a Windows OS. Please note that you are only required to do one of them.

Specifically, you need to:

• Demonstrate how you install the workbench.

• Demonstrate how you load OS onto your workbench.

• Demonstrate the setting of your virtual desktop. To demonstrate the above processes, you need to use screenshots as well as explanations of these screenshots (e.g. why you ticked that box? Why set this to 2GB?).

Depending on the OS that you are loading, you need to do the following to demonstrate the setting of your virtual desktop:

• For windows, you need to provide a screenshot of System Information Window and explain the information on it.

• For Linux, you need to open up your terminal and type this command “sudo lshw -short”. Provide a screenshot of the terminal and then explain the information there.

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The agave bush and the desert tortoise are both found in the Sonora Desert in the Southwest of North America. Known as the century plant, the agave blooms in June to August but only once after about 25 years and then dies. In contrast, tortoises may live in excess of 100 years and when they reach the age of around 15 years they lay eggs between May and July at 2-3 year intervals. What type of reproductive strategy is demonstrated by each of these species? View keyboard shortcuts As previous stated, tortoises may lay multiple clutches of eggs with varying numbers per clutch depending on the amount of rainfall during the summer monsoon season in the desert. In general more rain results in 1 or two more clutches per season and more eggs per clutch. Would this be a density dependent or density independent factor with respect to population growth of tortoises and what specifically in the information above made you come to this conclusion? Desert tortoises may live up to 100 years and don't reach sexual maturity typically until 15 years of age. Based on all the information presented on tortoises in this quiz, would consider them to be more or a r or K selected species and what are two specific facts from the information presented that support your conclusion? Assume a population of desert tortoises has a per capita growth rate (r) or 0.039. If this rate could be sustained, how long would it take for the population that is currently 186 individuals to reach 450 individuals? (just give the simplest expression with the data provided)

The agave bush and the desert tortoise are both found in the Sonora Desert in the Southwest of North America. Known as the century plant, the agave blooms in June….

Neonatal resuscitation program

Neonatal resuscitation program A term baby was vigorous at birth but receives CPAP for 3 minutes after birth for grunting respirations. The baby is now 15 minutes old, breathing comfortably….

Metanarrative Essay

THEO 104 Biblical Metanarrative Essay Topics You must choose from the approved list below: Christ Creation Faith Glory      of God Gospel Grace Holiness Hope Image      of God Law Love Mercy….