Define Market Penetration Pricing Strategy

1. Market Penetration Pricing Strategy refers to the situation when the international marketing firm adopts a strategy of


(a) Keeping prices lower than the competition

(b) Keeping prices higher than the competition

(c) Keeping prices at par with competition

(d) Not focusing on pricing

(e) Making prices irrelevant

2. External Factors affecting Pricing Decisions of an international firm are

(a) International Competitive Environment

(b) International purchasing parity and Currency exchange rates

(c) Mechanics of demand and supply curve

(d) Dumping

(e) All of these and many more

3. Counter trade is the kind of sales transaction in international marketing that involves

(a) Reciprocal commitment of exchange of the products or goods of the value for which sales

invoice is raised by the seller

(b) Charging similar rates for all goods

(c) Charging different rates from countries

(d) Countering the imports from other countries

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