Decode the received word polynomial r (x) = c(x) + e(x).

Using the elements of GF(24), the generator polynomial of the triple-errorvcorrecting Reed-Solomon code, RS(15, 9), is obtained. For the construction of GF(24), the primitive polynomial p(x) . x4 + x2 + 1 is used.

Assume that the dataword to be encoded is given as

d(x) = x8 + α6 x5 + α3 x2  + x + 1:

Encode d(x), and let c(x) be the code-word obtained after encoding operation. The error pattern is given as

e(x) = α2 x9 + α5+x4. Decode the received word polynomial

r (x) = c(x) + e(x). Use Berlekamp algorithm in your decoding operation.

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Verify the name of the TFTP server using the show hosts command.

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Which command is used to configure a one-time acceptance of the EULA for all Cisco IOS software packages and features?

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Highlight key business and technical goals of the new network, and how these goals are met in the new design.

Assessment Type Assessment Number Assessment Report 02 Name Designing a Computer Network for a Small to Medium Enterprise Weighting Alignment with Unit Learning Outcomes Due Date/Time 25% (Marks = 50)….