Customer Turnoffs Discussion


Project 3.4 Customer Turnoffs Discussion

You are sitting in the company lunchroom with two other CSRs, Doug and Christine. Doug is relating a troublesome customer problem he ha just experienced and is asking how you and Christine would have handled it. You discuss it, then the discussion moves to other exampled of situations that turn customers off and how each of you would handle those situations. Listed below are three major customer turnoffs which are not specific to a particular industry.

1. Waiting on the phone while the CSR is processing a purchase order and hearing others in the background laughing and socializing.

2. Red tape–such as refunds, credit checks, and adjustments on account.

3. A company’s failure to stand behind their products or services.

Upon your instructor’s direction, pair up with a classmate and role play each of the given situations that can turn customers off. In a class discussion, be prepared to state how you, representing a specific company, might address each scenario in a positive way. As an alternative, follow your instructor's directions to join a group and use the instructors-designated discussion board to complete the group project.

COURSE: Customer Service

It Costs $60 To Test A Certain Component Of A Machine. If A Defective Component Is Installed, Tcosts $1,200 To Repair The Resulting Damage To The Machine. Is It More Profitable To Install The Component Without Testing If It Is Known That A) 3% Of All Components Produced Are Defective B) 5% Of All Components Produced Are Defective C) 8% Of All

3.12. It costs $60 to test a certain component of a machine. If a defective component is installed,
tcosts $1,200 to repair the resulting damage to the machine. Is it more profitable to install the
component without testing if it is known that
a) 3% of all components produced are defective
b) 5% of all components produced are defective
c) 8% of all components produced are defective?


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