Current US Stock Market

Topic: Current US Stock Market
Essay: Persuasive Essay Purpose This assignment is a learning activity designed to practice new skills. Task REFLECT Select a topic, technical in nature, and apply persuasion that allows you to communicate as a problem solver.

  • Provide useful information (how will you give listeners the information that they need?)
  • Being persuasive (how will you get the response you want?)

Describe your plan to use Monroe’s Motivated Sequence to persuade your listener.

  • ATTENTION: What will you use to get the audience’s attention?
    • Emotion
    • Jokes
    • Dramatic stories
    • Note that attention can be very brief, so once you have it, you need to move on quickly. Attention-grabbing should also move them towards interest. If you annoy them, then you will have your work cut out to recover the situation.
  • NEED: Trigger a need the listener has
    • State the need: with a clear statement of need or problem.
    • Illustrate the need: using practical examples that show it is real.
    • Elaborate the need: with further examples, statistics, references and so on that moves the audience to understanding the severity of the problem.
    • Point the way: use convincing demonstrations to highlight how the need directly affects the audience
  • SATISFACTION: This is not about creating satisfaction, but proposing a way in which satisfaction may be gained by meeting the need that you have just stimulated.
    • Propose: state clearly what you want from your audience.
    • Explain: the detail of what you are proposing.
    • Show: how it solves the problem and addresses the need.
    • Illustrate: with examples and data about of how this proposal has worked in the past.
  • VISUALIZATION: Now that you have proposed a solution, the next step is to move the listener to see it as the right answer for them to meet their need. Help them visualize the solution in place, such that it is complete and successful. If it involves them doing something, get them to see themselves in action.
    • Challenge: them to take action.
    • Appeal: to them to act.
    • Illustrate: how they might act.
    • Summarize: your proposal.
    • Steps: to achieve the proposal

Criteria for Success

  • The document describes your topic and what you plan to persuade listeners to do
  • The document thoroughly describes how you will use Monroe’s Motivated sequence (above) to persuade your listeners
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