Crystal Hotel Pty Ltd is a privately owned 3.5 stars hotel located in Paramatta CBD in Sydney

The Hotel consists of 160 rooms with maximum capacity of 350 guests, a restaurant with capacity of 150 guests, a function room with maximum capacity of 250 guests and a conference room with maximum capacity of 200 guests. The average price per room per night is $148.
While the hotel is located in a very popular location and close proximity to the Brisbane River and the city centre, it is becoming quite out-dated. The owners rely heavily on their corporate clientele. Clients usually use the hotel for their expat employees. Due to long term contracts they pay on credit with invoices being issued at the end of each month. The hotel is often faced with outstanding invoices. The owners have so far tolerated it as it usually occurs with their long term clients. Additionally to the accommodation services, they often use hotel facilities for their functions and conferences.
The hotel is constantly having difficulties retaining a good quality staff as they always get junior personnel, which once gaining experience will usually leave for better opportunities in hotels with higher ratings. The biggest issue is to retain high quality personnel in the hotel restaurant, especially a chef.
The owners would like to increase the hotel star rating by renovating or refurbishing the hotel and improving their services. They are thinking about building a Wellness Centre on the rooftop of the hotel, which would include a massage treatment room, gym, spa, sauna and an outdoor pool.
As new plans will require quite extensive capital investment, the owners would like to know where they stand financially before making any major decisions.
You have been appointed to analyse their financial statements and to give them an insight on which areas should be improved and analysed further.
You are expected to conduct the financial statement analysis in Excel and then use your findings in creating a business report to be submitted to the client.

PART 1 – to be done in Excel
1. Vertical analysis of financial statements:
a. Conduct Vertical Analysis of the Crystal Hotel Balance Sheet using the Case Study Excel Workbook. The workbook is attached under Assessment Information section (AU – Crystal Hotel Case Study Workbook Part A student.xlsx). Open the Vertical Analysis Balance Sheet worksheet.
b. Conduct Vertical Analysis of the Crystal Hotel Income Statement for the year ending 30 June 2015 using – Vertical Analysis Income Statement worksheet of the same workbook (AU – Crystal Hotel Case Study Workbook Part A student.xlsx).
2. Conduct Ratio Analysis using Ratio Analysis worksheet of the same workbook (AU – Crystal Hotel Case Study Workbook Part A student.xlsx).

PART 2 – to be included in the Business report
3. Using the Income Statement Vertical Analysis prepared in Excel, conduct Income Statement comparative analysis to the industry benchmarks included in Table 1 and Table 2 of the Appendix.
Comment on how the business is performing comparing to the industry.
Include comments on Revenue, Cost of sales (excluding personnel costs), Personnel costs, unallocated Operating Costs and Total Costs proportions.
Based on the results of your comparative analysis make recommendations on areas needing an improvement or further investigation.
4. Using the results of the Ratio Analysis in Excel, comment on Profitability, Efficiency, Liquidity and Solvency of the business. With reference to the industry data provided, make recommendations when appropriate.
5. There are additional industry specific performance indicators and benchmarks that the hotel could use when comparing itself to the industry. Conduct a research and recommend 3 additional industry specific benchmarks the hotel could use in their comparative analysis. Include a brief explanation of each benchmark you are recommending including formulas when appropriate.

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