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BartonBoomer,Manager ofMarketingResearch foralargeresearchfirm, hasaBachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Michigan State University. He joined the firm nine years ago after a one-year stint as a marketing research trainee at the corporate headquarters of a westernpacking corporation.Bartonhasawifeandtwochildren.Heearns$60,000 ayear and owns a home in the suburbs. He is typical of a marketing research analyst. He is asked to interview an executive with a local restaurant chain,Eats-R-Wee.Eats-R-Weeis expanding internationally.Thelogicaltwochoicesforexpansionareeithertoexpandfirst to other nations that have values similar to those in the market area of Eats-R-Wee or to expand to the nearest geographical neighbor. During the initial interviews, Mr. Big,Vice PresidentofOperationsforEats-R-Wee,makes several points toBarton.

· “Barton, we are all set to move across the border to Ontario and begin our international expansion with our neighbor to the north, Canada. Can you provide some research that will support this position?”

· “Barton, we are in a hurry. We can’t sit on our hands for weeks waiting to make this decision. We need a comprehensive research project completed by the end of the month.”

· “Weareinterestedinhowourcompetitorswillreact.Haveyoueverdoneresearch for them?”

· “Don’t worry about the fee; we’ll pay you top money for a “good” report.” Marla Madam, Barton’s Director of Marketing Research, encourages Barton to get back in touch with Mr.Bigandtellhimthattheproject willgetunderway rightaway.



Source: Zikmund, Babin, Carr & Griffin (2013). Business Research Method (9th ed.).Pg;103, South Western, United Kingdom.



Critique this situation with respect to Barton’s job. What suggestions would you recommend to him to ensure that ethical standards in conducting research are adhered to. Does the company need to continue the research? Explain your answers.

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