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You are a Senior Project Manager within an external consultancy appointed by an international, commercial, provider of Further Education colleges; your client is seeking to roll out a programme of new build facilities to enhance their existing estates and you will be using a JCT D&B contract. The project has progressed, construction work is 40% complete and appears to be on track to maintain the required completion date, however, your client now has some additional concerns. Task Your director has asked you to provide a report for the client investigating these concerns. Your report should address the following: a. The client is concerned the appointed contractor needs constant reminders of the environmental and sustainability goals for the project. Provide a critical analysis of the potential impacts on the environmental and sustainability goals for the project during the construction stage and critically evaluate three measures which may be adopted to alleviate these impacts. b. The client is concerned about performance and perceives a benchmarking system and KPIs should be in place. Provide a critical analysis of internal and external benchmarking systems and critically appraise how these may be applied to provide three performance KPIs for the project. c. The client is aware the project is utilising an international supply chain and requires assurance ethical, equality and safe working practices are in place.

Critically discuss how the project management team may address these challenges when using an international supply chain from multi-cultural backgrounds.

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