create all the necessary tables for this database, and choose a reasonable datatype for each attribute.

Homework assignment website: The Somerton High School PTO is creating a website that will allow students to quickly look up their homework assignments. The database supporting this website will keep track of departments, teachers, classes, and assignments. Each department has a name such as “math,” “science,” or “English,” and each teacher is a member of a single department. For each teacher, the database should store a title (“Mr.”, “Ms.”, “Dr.”, etc.), first name, middle initial, last name, office phone number, and e‐mail address. Each class is taught by one teacher; for each class, the database should store a name, description, meeting period (for example, seventh period), and room number. Finally each class has multiple assignments. For each assignment, the database should store the date assigned, the date due, and a text description of the work assigned. Obviously, the database also needs to remember which class each assignment is for, and which teacher teaches each class.

1.       Design a database to hold all this information. You may create synthetic keys as necessary or convenient. Create a database design outline and an ER diagram.

2.       In Access, create all the necessary tables for this database, and choose a reasonable datatype for each attribute. Assume phone numbers are in standard US format. If you use any “AutoNumber” synthetic primary keys, note that a matching foreign key should have a datatype of “Number,” with a field length of “Long integer.” Create all necessary relationships between the tables and enforce referential integrity. You do not have to enter any data or create any forms. Create a “Documenter” report for the database.

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