Create a networking plan that could be utilised within your workplace including

1) Create a professional development plan for yourself for a six-month period.

Note: You can create a list (dot point on the activities intended and classify them as goals, professional development needs etc.). The professional development plan can include any of the following:

  • Professional development needs
  • Goals
  • Level of Competency to be gained
  • External resource requirements and locations
  • Required authorisation & licensing
  • Agreed upon timeframe for review and completion
  • Priority
  • Timeframe
  • Type of technology used
  • Use of resources
  • Working conditions

2) Create a networking plan that could be utilised within your workplace including:

  • Roles and responsibilities of bookkeepers
  • Networking opportunities available including reasons for choice
  • Activities that these networking partners can potentially perform for your company
  • Feedback requirements that require clarification from these networking partners to ensure that client needs are constantly met

3) Using a planning tool of your choice, develop a work plan for your next working week. The plan should include:

  • Tasks to be completed/prioritisation
  • Timelines and deadlines
  • Resources required including technologies and other human resources
  • Potential risks to successful and timely completion of tasks


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