Create a language translator with a Telegram interface

Node-RED is an innovative visual wiring tool to connect edge computing systems such as industrial automation controllers to cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT, IBM Watson IoT, and Microsoft Azure in new and interesting ways. The Node-RED development environment offers a gradual and easily approachable learning curve for users of all levels and requires little to no programming skills. Through a visual browser-based, drag-and-drop interface, Node-RED allows you to focus on identifying an opportunity and developing a solution, rather than building the components of an application from scratch. The objective of this assignment is to test your knowledge and skills obtained from the laboratory exercises in this course where you used IBM cloud platform (PaaS) and Node-RED (node.js) run-time. After completion of the assessment task you will value the need for cloud and enterprise computing and value the cloud services provided in contemporary computing. This is a group assignment. For this assignment you will work in a group of maximum THREE students. You are required to join a group of your choice the latest ONE week after this document is published (released). The assignment consists of three parts: 1. an application development with Node-RED; 2. a written report and; 3. a video recording of your Node-RED application demonstration 1. Application Development Requirements There are many Node-RED sample applications on the Internet such as for example, online Node-red tutorials from IBM developer website For the assignment your group is required to search on-line (using your search engine of choice) for examples which use two or more API services in a Node-RED flow. There are no limitations for your on-line search. There are only THREE requirements for your application: 1. Node-RED flow must use at least two cloud services 2. Node-RED flow (application) must have real business applicability, and functionality 3. Node-RED flow must be more advanced than the flows you used in your laboratory exercises, cannot be the same as the laboratory exercises In addition to your group’s on-line search (using your search engine of choice) you can optionally explore and use any of the following on-line Node-RED tutorials and examples provided below: 1. Build a simple earthquake monitoring system 2. Use Watson Natural Language Understanding to analyse a news article that is accessible through a URL 3. Process image, video, audio, or text data by using deep learning models 4. Create a language translator with a Telegram interface 5. A set of Node-RED nodes to access various Google services 6. Air/ground frost alerts via 7. Watson Node-RED Services Basic Examples 8. Watson on Node-RED Advanced Examples

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