Create a class named Vehicle that acts as a superclass for vehicle types.

Create a class named Vehicle that acts as a superclass for vehicle types. The Vehicle class contains private variables for the number of wheels and the average number of miles per gallon. The Vehicle class also contains a constructor with integer arguments for the number of wheels and average miles per gallon, and a toString() method that returns a String containing these values. Create two subclasses, Car and MotorCycle, that extend the Vehicle class. Each subclass contains a constructor that accepts the miles-per-gallon value as an argument and forces the number of wheels to the appropriate value—2 for a MotorCycle and 4 for a Car. Write a UseVehicle class to instantiate the two Vehicle objects and display the objects’ values. Save the files as,,, and

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At what point must the rights of the individual be protected against the power of the state, and when must they bow to the enduring value of respected tradition?

In the Sudan, an eight-year-old girl is given by her family to a priest in a neighboring village. She is told to serve him and obey all his wishes. Someone….

based on economic system and lifestyle, but where do we stop? And, if there is no place to stop, what remains?

African philosopher Kwasi Wiredu claims that throwing the colonizing power out of your country is much easier than throwing the colonizer out of your mind. The real damage to indigenous….

Can you imagine one craftsperson capable of making all these things?

Let’s consider why dramatic poetry must be banished from our republic. We must begin with the notion of imitation or representation. A carpenter who wishes to make a bed or….