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The world that we once knew has changed. Covid has brought immense amount of stress, heartbreak, and tragedy to the world. Small businesses such as restaurants have been impacted the most when it comes to the business world. For small towns family-owned businesses are they key factors in supporting the town financially. With a third of the United States small businesses closing, this will cause a huge economic problem in towns that rely on these small businesses.

Small family-owned businesses such as restaurants, boutiques, etc.  have been closing at a rapid rate due to Covid 19. Covid has brought mandatory quarantine, limitations to staff, and in some places small businesses aren’t allowed to be open at all. These are some of the reasons on why companies have shut down. Although major companies have been able to stay open and some have even prospered it is tragic to see small towns lose their main sources of income. Unfortunately, the news, and social media platforms do not do a great job in reporting the financial crisis people have run into. With all these new guidelines that the government has implemented it was an effort to slow down the death toll, but on the downfall were small businesses.

Covid-19 decreased small businesses as much as 32% just in the state of Florida. Restaurants that have effectively worked for the last 50+ years have run into the biggest amount of trouble in these hard times. Restaurants that relied on walk in consumers have been impacted the hardest. These family restaurants that didn’t have an online platform closed because the world has become primarily online. Even though our world has been internet based for a few years now many restaurants stayed to their traditional ways of doing work in person. But with the new guidelines restricting in person activities and limited groups people have resorted to staying home and ordering everything through Uber Eats, and Door Dash. The United States will run into an economic crisis when covid is under control due to most local businesses have closed.

Powerhouse companies have been able to take advantage of the small family-owned companies for example, boutiques, local clothing stores have taken a big impact due to people resorting to online shopping. These major companies, Amazon for example is an internet-based company that has taken over the world. They have everything in place to make sure that people are getting their products. But another problem is with limitations of workers and travel being able to get product is just as hard as it is to find customers. With borders shut down companies have not been able to get product, with that being said companies that receive product first are the economic powerhouses not the family businesses. With lack of product, in-person sales, and a struggling economy small business will struggle to find a bright future.

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