Contact information for the American Academy of Pediatrics

LA3: Beginning Research Start Assignment

  • Due Wednesday by 7am
  • Points 25
  • Submitting a file upload

Using research tools provided in your coordinated instruction, locate the following information. Be sure to CITE your sources using MLA style. There are resources in the module to help you with MLA style. You must provide the citation and the information required, not just the location of the information.

  1. Contact information for the American Academy of Pediatrics
  2. Median annual earnings of men and women in the following three professions:
    1. lawyers,
    2. doctors,
    3. accountants.
  3. Current market share for Pepsi Cola
  4. Annual stock performance for Disney
  5. Number of franchise outlets for Domino’s Pizza in the United States and in Texas
  6. Gender composition of the medical U.S. workforce for
    1. doctors
    2. nurses
  7. Current trading value of gold, silver, and copper.

Submissions must be in complete sentences and must have a proper works cited page. This is not an essay — this is a short answer exercise and should be completed using sentences, not just fragments of information

Hint: not all of these will be available from the company websites. You may have to look at government sites, too.

Rubric25 Point Beginning Research25 Point Beginning Research

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