Conduct research into WebTrust and/or SysTrust.

Field work.


a. Use your university’s library resources to investigate ERP implementation failures other than

those discussed in the chapter. Analyze the failures in terms of the common causes discussed

in the chapter; explain how a manager could have used Steps for Better Thinking to avoid

ERP implementation problems.

b. Conduct research into WebTrust and/or SysTrust. Prepare an oral or written report summarizing

at least the following items: historical development, nature and purpose of the system,

financial and nonfinancial benefits, and costs and examples of companies using the technology.

You can start your research at .

c. Visit a company in your geographic area that uses an ERP system. Ask for a demonstration

of the system (or at least one part of it) and prepare a brief oral or written presentation to the

class on your findings

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