Compute the marginal utility of X for each of the three consumers at each level of X.

Suppose that John is indifferent between consuming bundle A, which consists of 4 apples and 1 peach, and bundle B, which consists of 4 peaches and 1 apple. If John were given the choice between bundle A and bundle C, which contained 3 peaches and 2 apples, which should he pick? (Hint: Draw an indifference curve or two.) 5. The following table displays the total utility U(X) that corresponds to the number of units of X consumed by three different consumers (Auon, Barbara, and Camira), holding everything else constant:






a. Compute the marginal utility of X for each of the three consumers at each level of X. b. Based on the data in the table, can you tell whether any of these consumers are violating any of the standard assumptions about preferences? c. Is it possible that any of these three consumers have the same preferences, and that columns for the three consumers differ only because of the arbitrary units that are used to measure utility? Explain.

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Determine the trust’s Net Income For Tax Purposes and Taxable Income for the current year.

During the current year, the Jordan family trust, an inter vivos trust, has business income of $220,000. Of this amount, $50,000 is retained in the trust with a joint election….

Indicate the tax effects of these transactions on the Net Income For Tax Purposes for both the trust and for Bryan.

During 2020, the Ho family trust received eligible dividends from publicly traded Canadian corporations in the amount of $100,000. In addition, it received non-eligible dividends from the family owned Canadian….

compare the tax consequences for both Martin and the trust if the sale takes place in December 2020

The Husak family trust has only one beneficiary, Martin Husak, the 32 year old son of the settlor, Dimitri Husak. It is an inter vivos trust and its only asset….