complete the following assessment

You are required to complete the following assessment
The first stage of the progress report is known as ‘Industry Based Project’. The assessment is designed to
develop student’s knowledge, generic skills and graduate attributes that enhance job-readiness.
The progressive project report needs to demonstrate the development of the following stages for your
? your project research and analysis;
? your team accountability and communication;
? each ‘Industry-Based Project’ is embedded in an industry relevant to your field ofstudy;
? your research to date and justify your progress (you need to provide supporting evidence with
references to justify your progress);
? client and stakeholder relationship and management;
? analysis of current and future practices; and
? key insights of the project, company and industry.
Format of Progress Report 2
Your report is to be written to persuade the reader of the key message. The key message should address
the five marking criteria in the table stated below. Additionally the structure may be determined by the
individual lecturer and may vary considerably according to the task’s purpose and audience. Below is
some guidance on the structure of a report.
Executive Summary
An executive summary is a succinct summary of a project’s why, what, who, how and when, presented in the
beginning of a report. By reading the executive summary, a reader should have a good grasp of the purpose
of the project, the key stakeholders, the criteria that is addressed, methods and data sources that are used,
the key challenges, solutions and recommendations, and proposed milestones or timeline of key deliverables.
Business report introductions typically contain the following:
? Aim, scope and limitations
? Background or context (details of problem addressed)
? Overview of the project brief
? May include the overall answer (suggested solution)
? The report structure
Body section
This is usually the longest section of the report and presents your findings based on the criteria that you
address, your analysis and the evidence you have gathered. These findings provide the justification for
your recommendation(s). This section needs to develop the material in a clear, logical and coherent
manner. Relevant subheadings make it easier for the reader to follow the structure. This structure should
reflect the structure outlined in the introduction.

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