Complete the ecological footprint calculator

With an understanding of Subject materials and calculator themes, you analyse and reflect on your results. The plan to focus on improving your footprint will highlight your actions that demonstrate innovation and creativity.
Steps to prepare and present your report:

  1. Complete the ecological footprint calculator
  1. Answer for yourself; not what you think is socially desirable.
  1. Attach a screen print for Results Part 1 and Part 2 in your document. Note CONFIDENTIALITY IS ASSURED – for assessment purposes only.
  1. Review your results with reference to Ecological Footprint Explorer
  1. Reflect on your Results Part 1.
  1. Reflect on your Results Part 2.
  1. From the results for the Solutions to Move the Date:
    1. Discuss theories presented in the Subject materials and your own research
    2. Refer to the possible solutions: City/Energy/Food/Population/Planet
    3. Present your plans to improve/reduce your footprint.
  1. Attach screen prints of your results Part 1 and Part 2 to your report.
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