Choose one global industry from those covered in Global Shift. Answer one question of the following three options.

Choose one global industry from those covered in Global Shift. Answer one question of the following three options. For the chosen industry, select one prominent emerging economy, and conduct a comparative investigation of the major entry modes used by foreign firms in the past decade. Carefully assess (and illustrate with examples) the key motivations behind the choice of the entry modes under consideration. Note that all three assignment questions require you to explore how a key global industry has been affected one or more of the core module topics. As some of the chapters in Global Shift are relatively broad in scope, it may be advisable to narrow the scope of the industry you are investigating; if you do so, this should be clearly explained in the introduction of your assignment. You are strongly encouraged to use tables and figures with supporting information and other exhibits but these should be presented professionally and referred to in the text of your answer. Figures and tables should be numbered consecutively (e.g. Figure 1, Figure 2, etc), given a meaningful title and the source should be clearly indicated. To succeed in this assignment task, you will have to: Display a good grasp of the question requirements, clearly direct the material in your answer towards the question and answer all aspects of the question. Undertake detailed research and investigation on the chosen industry, using reputable sources, to enable you to identify and analyse the relevant features and patterns. Demonstrate a good grasp of relevant concepts from the academic literature and utilise these concepts effectively during your assignment (e.g. to provide analytical insights). Present an assignment with a clear and logical of structure that is written coherently and persuasively in good academic English. Achieve a high standard of presentation and follow SHU referencing conventions. You are strongly advised to carefully consult the assessment criteria grid for further guidance on expectations, before commencing work on your assignment! You should also consult and adhere to the ‘style guidelines’ listed below Style guidelines ? Tutors wish to focus their attention on the content of your assignment, rather than its physical appearance. Therefore, all assignments are expected to conform to the following guidelines. ? Marks will be deducted for poor presentation, so please aim for a professional standard. ? Use double line spacing and leave a margin of at least 30mm on all sides. This will make it easier for your tutor to read/mark the work and to annotate comments as they read. ? Use a plain, readable font (such as Arial, Calibri or Verdana) with a minimum font size of 11pt. ? Include a title page which clearly states your full name, student number and the full and exact title of the question you have answered. ? You should also clearly indicate an exact word count on your title page. ? Include page numbers. ? Use numbered headings and sub-headings throughout to clarify the structure of your assignment and help guide the reader. ? Include an introduction that clearly explains your approach to the question and previews ? The key themes to be covered and explains the structure of your answer. ? Also include a conclusion which briefly summarises your key arguments and conclusions in relation to the key question requirements, ? Write in paragraphs and use clear, concise sentences with plain English wherever possible. Leave a line break between each paragraph. Long, overly complex sentences, containing multiple phrases, should be avoided. Each paragraph should focus on one key theme or argument only. As a rule of thumb, a paragraph should not normally extend beyond 10 lines and/or 4 or 5 sentences. Keep ‘jargon’ to a minimum and define any key academic terms. ? Follow the APA referencing style. Use correct and appropriate in-text citations to acknowledge the source of all information and ideas and include a single, integrated reference list at the end of your assignment (in A-to-Z order by author surname).

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