Change management


Change management


Apply the XLR8 change management framework to manage the change(s) expected by the case study firm below, to accomplish the stated growth strategy. This paper must be 5,000 words. Beware of “The Dance of 1000 Frameworks.” We are interested in substantiated quality, not just quantity.

Change framework to be used:

Kotter’s 8-Step Process and Accelerate (XLR8)

Case Study Firm:

ML&R Wealth Management (

Growth strategy:

Grow to Sell the firm. Currently sitting at 1.7 Bill of assets under management. They would like to each 2.5Bill assets under management and sell it.

Change objectives:

1. Enhance their overall valuation by,

a. Acquiring two smaller independent wealth management practices in the southeast of the US (18 months apart purchases),

2. Sell ML&R Wealth Management in a 3-year time frame

Resources to complete the assignment:

1. ML&R Wealth Management Website (


3. Kotter, Inc. (2020). The 8-step process for leading change [PDF]. Kotter. Retrieved March 19, 2022, from

4. Kotter, J. P. (2012, October 31). Accelerate! Harvard Business Review.

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