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Change is a fact of life in the healthcare industry. Successful change management depends on capable leadership. In this discussion, you’ll identify areas of change and the leadership skills needed to navigate them. In a post of at least 300 words:

  • Describe 2 examples of change that are impacting the healthcare industry today or are projected to impact it in the future.
  • Identify specific leadership competencies from the competency model that you think are necessary to successfully navigate the organizational change required to deal with the changes you identified. Describe each competency and justify its importance.
  • Describe how you plan to apply these competencies in your specific role as a healthcare manager.
  • Support your perspective with evidence-based information that includes at least one authoritative source (Links to an external site.) outside of the assigned readings.
  • Cite your sources according to APA guidelines. Both your initial post and your response to classmates must contain at least one citation.
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